■ Italy 3rd day

The city of Naples illuminated by the rising sun
 It was fine today and the cityscape of Naples was dazzling. After breakfast, I took out my suitcase, but I put together the medicine for the handy mosquito catcher. After leaving the hotel, I realized that I couldn't use it for the Roman opera tonight.
 Today's guide was Emma (Emanuela). She was very beautiful, but her Japanese was little bit funny. Departed for Capri from the port of Beverello in front of Castel Nuovo. The harbor was very busy with ships heading to Capri, Iskia and Sorrento. On the high-speed boat bound for Capri, the notes were written in Italian, Japanese, and English in that order. There were many Japanese on board.
Castel Nuovo Port of Beverello (Port of Naples)

■ Capri

 After arriving at the port of Capri (Marina Grande), we changed ships and set sail for the Blue Cave. We waited on the sea in front of the cave from 10:00 am. The blue cave was closed by strong winds for four days and was extremely crowded today.

Capri harbor To the blue cave

Waiting for the blue cave
 The waves were still high and it was difficult for the boat to enter the cave. While we were waiting, some people got seasick and left. Finally, we entered the blue cave at 12:30. We waited for two and a half hours on the sea.
 The entrance is very narrow with a height of about 1m. Even if the boat tried to enter, the waves came to the ceiling of the entrance, so It was really a divine work for the captain to pull the chain and slip inside, aiming for the moment when the waves were quiet. I entered with my camera wrapped in my jacket to protect it from seawater.
Inside the blue cave
 When we slipped into the cave, there were no waves inside, and it was a quiet space and the back was completely dark. Looking back at the entrance from inside the cave, it was a mysterious blue world. The clear blue was the most beautiful. It was said that this was the third time this tour was able to enter the Blue Cave this year. We were lucky.I thought it was worth the wait.

 Capri is one of Italy's leading resorts, and I was envious of the guests who relaxed in the hotel's garden pool during lunch. The air was clear and the climate was very refreshing, but a small bottle of beer was very expensive at 6 euros (900 yen!).
Lunch at Hotel LA RESIDENZA View from the hill

■ Naples

 We returned from Capri and headed for the royal palace in Naples. A tourist carriage was waiting. Children were eating ice cream in Piazza del Plebiscito, opposite the royal palace.
In the end, we took a break at Cafe Gambrinus, which opened in 1860 and boasts a history of about 150 years. The inside is classical with a high dome ceiling and chandelier. The crispy sweet "Sforya Terra" made by layering bread dough thinly was delicious with espresso!
 On the way back, the sky suddenly darkened, and a ferocious convectional rain began to fall. We got on a bus and left Naples, and headed for Rome on the Sun National Highway.

Sightseeing carriage of the royal palace Piazza del Plebiscito

■ Rome

 It took a long time to go sightseeing in the Blue Cave, so the opening time of the opera at the Baths of Caracalla was approaching. After leaving the tour to the dinner venue, we dashed to the taxi stand in Piazza della Repoli. We bought the usual Poo-san pasta at a convenience store on the way. Through the nostalgic Rome such as the Emmaniere II Memorial Hall and the Mouth of Truth Arrived at the Baths of Caracalla.

Opera Turandot
 Opera Turandot (Baths of Caracalla)
 After arriving at the Baths of Caracalla, We bought a pizza at the stall in front of the entrance and ate it. Hot and delicious! I showed the print of the receipt booked online from Japan at the box office and got the ticket without any problem.
 The ruins of the Baths of Caracalla were lit up, and the voice of the opera echoed in them, which was fantastic. Many customers were dressed up. The reserved seat was a good seat in the center of the 17th row.
Act 1  21: 00-21: 40
Act 2  22: 00-22: 50
Act 3  23: 10-24: 00

 The singing voice was excellent and the live orchestra was impressive, but I couldn't understand Italian at all. It suddenly became cold from the second act, and I didn't have a jacket, so I wanted something with long sleeves. There was a woman who came in a dress with her shoulders out, even though I was shivering with short sleeves. She wore her jacket while watching the play, but I wondered she wouldn't mind the cold.
Baths of Caracalla
 I got a sandwich before Act 3 to calm my stomach. At the beginning of the third act, the famous "Nessun dorma" sung , and it was a big applause.
 I was worried about being bitten by mosquitoes, but I was relieved because there were no mosquitoes because it was cold. Was it cold because the Baths of Caracalla were in the suburbs and there was no heat damage from the air conditioner?
 It ended at 24:00. We left the venue while taking pictures at the ruins. We checked in at the hotel at 24:20. We were tired but happy day.

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