■ Italy 9th day

Venice as seen from a cruise ship (2014)
 Today was finally the meeting with Da Vinci's Last Supper in Milan. When I woke up in the morning and went out to the terrace, it was chilly and there were traces of little rain. And I saw a cruise ship bigger than the church of Santa Maria della Salute. It was sailing from Maggiore to the port of Venice through the sea between Lido. When I returned to Japan and investigated, it seemed that it was a Mediterranean cruise of the 90,000-ton new ship "MSC Musica" that went into service in June 2006. My next trip might be better to go on a Mediterranean cruise.(The cruise tour was realized eight years later and was able to enter Venice.)
 It was cold during our last breakfast in Venice, so everyone ate indoors instead of on the terrace with a view. Venice was cool so it was easy to walk around the city and there were no mosquitoes. We took a water taxi to the bus stop near Santa Lucia station and headed for Verona.

■ Verona

Juliet's House
 Unlike Venice, the city of Verona was sunny and hot. I was surprised to see a large fossil of ammonite on the marble sidewalk. First we visited Juliet's House. There was a woman on the balcony. Was she a resident? It seemed that love will be fulfilled when a person touches the right chest of the Juliet statue in the garden, and the chest of the statue was shiny.

 Verona's arena is famous for its summer outdoor opera, and although it was two stories high, it was large enough and had a large amount of props, so I could feel the atmosphere of the opera venue. Unfortunately I couldn't watch it, but the performance was popular and tonight's performance was Toska. I bought ice cream for the first time on my trip to Italy. It was hot so it was very delicious.
Piazza delle Erbe Verona's outdoor arena

■ Milan

Milanese cutlet
 After arriving in Milan, lunch was a flat Milanese cutlet. It was the second after eating Primo, and I was so full that I couldn't eat it all. Drink prices changed from tourist spot prices to regular prices, which were reasonable and beer was cheap.
 La Scala in Milan had a simple building exterior.There was a monument to Leonardo da Vinci in front of La Scala. In the center of Milan's Galleria, it was said that a person could revisit Milan by putting his heels on the bull mosaic on the floor and making a full turn. It was a pity that the Duomo in Milan was still under construction of the front of the building and the lower half was covered with sheets. It seemed to be under construction for 3-4 years.
La Scala in Milan Scala Square Galleria in Milan Bull mosaic
The front of the cathedral of Milan Inside the cathedral Stained glass The back of the cathedral in Milan

 At the Duomo, just before the Last Supper sightseeing, two of the tour members went missing and we searched in a hurry but couldn't find them. When we moved to the world heritage site of Santa Maria delle Grazie and entered the front room at the reserved time, the two tour members slipped in by taxi and were just in time for the appreciation. (Really barely).Everyone was able to appreciate it safely.
 The Last Supper is a majestic and wonderful art. It was the most impressive and true World Heritage Site on this trip to Italy. Da Vinci is a genius! But why did he paint in that little church? (Quoted from the photo in the official pamphlet because photography was prohibited)
The Last Supper (quoted from the internet) Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie The front room of the Last Supper Exhibition Room UNESCO World Heritage Plate

■ Walking around Milan

Sforzesco Castle DS Lite poster in Galleria
 After breaking up at the hotel, we took a taxi to Lina Sente. There were a lot of clothes there and we bought some miscellaneous goods for souvenirs.
 Galleria was almost closed on vacation. There was a poster of Nintendo DS Lite, and the words "Brain Training" were written on it.Was it popular in Italy?
 For dinner, we went to Al Cantinone near the Duomo, which was mentioned in "How to Walk the Earth". It's a nice restaurant and suitable for the last supper. Prices were also cheaper than in Venice and Rome. The appetizer, risotto and meat were delicious, but the amount was so large that I reduced the main order, but it was still too much. In Italy, two dishes per person, including appetizers, were enough! It's a pity that Cameliere couldn't serve alone and the waiting time was long, probably because of the summer vacation.
 We couldn't eat the last dish and left, saw the Duomo was lit up, and returned by taxi. I was too tired to go to the bar at the Principedi Savoia Hotel near the Hilton Hotel.

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