Private travelogue -Paris Belgium (Brussels Bruges)-

At the Arc de Triomphe
 I was overwhelmed by the scale of the buildings in Paris. The history of magnificent prosperity of the colonial era has been passed down to the present day.
 However, many buildings began repairs after the Arche Summit (1989), and it was a little disappointing that construction scaffoldings were hung at some places.

Straight aligned architectures
 The small Arc de Triomphe in the Louvre, the obelisk on Place de la Concorde, and the real Arc de Triomphe in Etoile line straight along the Champs Elysees. Can you see them all align in this photo?

Street performer
 A clown was getting a make-up at Forum de Al Square. Street performers were occasionally found in the city of Paris, but the square in front of the Pompidou Center is especially famous.

Paris at twilight
 Forum de al at dusk. Due to the high latitude and daylight saving time, the sky was still so bright even after 8 pm.
 Looking at the Pompidou Center, etc., including here, I strongly felt the flexibility to accept the new design while carefully preserving the old building. What about Japanese city planning?

Pompidou Center
 Some extra photos of the Pompidou Center. I visited after dark, but the night view was very beautiful. The fun fountains next to the Pompidou Center were also lit up and beautiful. However, the skull fountain has a surreal and slightly scary design during the day.

Notre Dame Cathedral
 Rose window of the Notre Dame. This is my favorite building in Paris. The scale of the façade, the flying buttress on the back, the colorful stained glass, etc. are full of charm.
 Just at the mass, I could hear the sound of the pipe organ.

Waiting for someone?
 Visitors to the Musée d'Orsay were lining up. Was she waiting for someone?

Musée d'Orsay
 While there were many restrictions on photography, such as the prohibition of using flash, many museums were generous in copyrights restrictions. Even in Orsay, there were some people who imitate the paintings. It's a good picture because he was full of confidence.

Juice stand
 An orange juice shop on the way from Orsay to the Arc de Triomphe. What's interesting was that the capsule is designed to close, which makes it look like an orange after the shop closing.

 Mademoiselle I saw at a cafe on the Champs Elysees. The tables were lined up on the street corner, and I was completely accustomed to the relaxing sight. The outside air was very comfortable. Each store paid a road usage fee (it seemed to be small).

Cobblestones and carriage
 A sightseeing carriage looked great in a cobblestone town. Horses have been used as a means of transportation since the Middle Ages, and Some houses used horseshoes as decorations.
 It's a really beautiful city that's perfect for honeymoons and full moons.

Huge music box
 A large music box sitting on the top of the bell tower in the Markt Square. From this bell tower, which is 83 meters high, the beautiful tone of the carillon played by 47 bells in addition to the music box echoes throughout the city.

Belgian daughter
 A picture of a baby sitting next to me at a restaurant where I tasted Bruges' specialty mussels. Why are babies so cute?

Manneken Pis
 Famous Manneken Pis. It's smaller than I expected. He is said to be "the three biggest disappointments in Europe" along with mermaid and Lorelei. He was unusually undressed on this day.

Gourmet city
 Belgium is a gourmet country. When I was walking around the restaurant area in the evening, I felt full just by smelling it. It was almost the end of my trip and I missed Japanese food, but I was full again here.

A treasure trove of beer
 One of the guild houses facing the Grand Place, "Beer Museum". Inside is a reproduction of a 17th century beer factory, with explanations and a glass of beer served. I asked the master to play a Japanese audio guide.

Parallel parking
 Street parking in front of "Paredes Beaux-Arts". It was parked in an orderly manner with a small gap that people can barely pass through.They shouldn't be able to leave unless they collide back and forth.

Art deco style
 "Palais de Bozar" is an elongated building that stands along a gentle slope. It is famous as the venue for the Elisabeth International Music Competition, and I remembered that the violinist Akiko Suwanai won the championship just before I went.
 Although it is the architecture of Alter, the flag bearer of Art Nouveau, the building has a majestic Art Deco style and has a cultural center atmosphere.
 It's regrettable that the two-week trip to the cityscape of flowers was over.

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